@Gladstone Park Primary School


All students from Foundation to Year 6 will participate in activities that assist in the development of their ability to:

  • Apply social and ethical protocols and practices when using ICT
  • Investigate with ICT
  • Create with ICT
  • Communicate with ICT
  • Manage and operate ICT

At Gladstone Park Primary School, we believe that ICT should be integrated as a learning tool within all learning areas, and to facilitate this, specific ICT skills must be taught. This is being done within classrooms and/or within lab sessions which are timetabled.

ICT has the ability to motivate and inspire learners and is regularly integrated into many aspects of the curriculum to enhance student learning.

Our ICT program primarily utilises:

Mathletics – An online maths program that caters for all students’ needs and allows them to develop their math skills at their own pace.

Edmodo – The safest and easiest way for educators to connect and collaborate with students, parents, and each other.

Ziptales and Sunshine Online – Two, online
literacy based programs that contain a large range of interactive leveled texts for students to read and explore.

Ziptalessunshine-books-logo_4e1130acb7c9emathletics icon

Gladstone Park Primary School boasts multiple Mobile ICT Centres which are made up of class sets of netbooks and notebooks. Each classroom has access to an Interactive Whiteboard allowing students to interact with digital content and multimedia.

At Gladstone Park Primary School we are continually looking for new ways to integrate technology into our curriculum and to provide students with every opportunity to develop their learning as a 21st century learner.