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Step Into Prep

Step Into PrepThe ‘Step into Prep’ transition program prepares preschoolers for their entry into primary school. The sessions mirror many of the activities and routines that the children will be presented with when they begin school. The staff is caring and supportive and the activities have educational merit and are interactive and fun.


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Getting Ready for School Checklist

Before school, starts please work with your child on the following:

  • Saying his/her first and last name.
  • Recognise and write their first name using lower case letters.
  • Telling an adult if something is wrong.
  • Asking an adult when they need help.
  • Taking care of basic needs on their own toileting, washing hands, dressing, carrying own bag, unpacking and packing bag, being responsible for belongings and cleaning up messes.
  • Developing fine motor skills: holding a pencil with the correct grip, cutting with scissors.
  • Following two-step directions.
  • Using manners, taking turns, and sharing.
  • Identifying and practicing letter sounds.
  • Counting to 10 forwards and backwards.
  • Building a growth mindset. Just try your best!