National Young Leader’s Day 2014


Did you know that everybody is a SOMEBODY? Even YOU!

The School Captains, House Captains and one Junior School Council Representative learnt how true this is when we visited the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre to be part of the National Young Leaders Day event. We were lucky enough to listen to 5 motivational speakers.

The first speaker was Mike Martin (founder of Halogen). He spoke about the importance of empathy in leadership. He also stated that ‘Nothing great, cool or long lasting ever starts that way’. It’s up to us to make a difference.

Our second speaker was John Marsden – he wrote the Tomorrow series. He said that the English Language is like play dough and that you can do anything with it. He encouraged us to play around with language in our writing.

The third speaker was Daniel Flynn. Daniel created ‘thankyou water TM’ where every one of his bottled water helps out people in Africa and other parts of the world that are in need of water. He wanted us to dream big, persist and never let age, experience or money hold you back.

Our next speaker was Jessica Fox. She is an Olympic silver medallist in white water slalom kayaking. She explained that you should believe in yourself and never give up.

The final speaker was Kevin Sheedy. He was the Essendon football coach for many years. He told us to keep dreaming and always listen to everybody around us.

We received a lot of information about leadership. We felt that all the speakers were trying to give the same message: ‘I am SOMEBODY!’

By Ellyn, Trilby, Adem and Nadia.